If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.-—Joseph Campbell

Walking Meditation

It is solved by walking.  St. Augustine

The eight year old computer is freezing up and melting down, even after a week’s stay at the computer hospital. I don’t know how to help. We are having communication issues. Am I working it too hard? Is it telling me it wants out of this relationship? I explore options. The Office Depot man fills my head with words I don’t understand and protection policies to carry it through the Apocalypse. Now I’m freezing up and melting down.

After ten minutes of anxious spinning (it takes me that long to realize that’s what I’m doing) I am drawn to the nearest labyrinth. Ah, the spin is slowing down as I approach.

Breathe, Laura. And begin.

I used to go to this church. My friends were here. I sang in the choir. I recognize the names on the memorial plaques. Breathe.

On the last Natalie Goldberg silent retreat at Mabel’s in Taos, I walked the labyrinth every morning and evening. Breathe.

They’ve added a playground. Carlton was a child when we were here. He would have liked this. Breathe.

Carlton would be able to help me with my computer now. Breathe. There was no need for me to worry about the stuff I didn’t understand. But he’s not around anymore. Breathe. Walk. Breathe. Walk. Breathe. Walk.

This is going to cost me money. Breathe. I could write my book on a new computer. Breathe. Without the stress of freezing up and melting down. Breathe.

Ah. I’m glad we had this little talk. I feel so much better now.

Comments on: "Walking Meditation" (8)

  1. hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. this is a great post about walking meditation. 🙂

  2. Beautiful… I am a firm believer in walking meditation as a practice and taking my idea/question/quote for a walk. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the like on my post. Thanks for the quote about walking from St. Augustine, I am used to the walking meditation from the Buddhist perspective. Although it sounds as both accomplishing the same thing, the calming of the mind so we can make a wholesome decision.

  4. This is beautiful, thank you for finding me so that I may in turn find you.

  5. project1979 said:

    I LOVE how you can be vulnerable and share your thoughts with the world about things that other people are also, most likely, living!

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