If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.-—Joseph Campbell

Passing It On

I went to bed last night thinking there was something else to be learned from this month’s book club meetings, but I needed to let go of the analyzing.

And this morning I “get it.”

A young woman came to yesterday’s book club for the first time.  When it’s her turn to talk she says she hasn’t read the book, but wants to be a writer and thought coming to a book club would be helpful.  She also tells us that four months ago she lost her grandmother whom she took care of for the last two years.

“Do you journal?” I ask.


“Do you know about Julia Cameron’s morning pages?”

“No,” she answers, but seems interested.

“If you stay after the meeting, we’ll talk.”

She stays and I listen as she tells her story.  I begin to see myself as her “journal.”

Tomorrow will be the tenth anniversary of my son’s death and I know how important talking to my journal has been.  I share this with her.

We make plans to meet next week to do timed writings together.  Something I learned from attending Natalie Goldberg workshops.

Something I can pass on.



Comments on: "Passing It On" (9)

  1. And you just passed on to me a good example of kindness. Thank you.

  2. In the end , it is the connections that have lasting significance. Sharing and encouraging gives profound meaning to our existence….a wonderful moment.

  3. I like seeing the depth in this experience of yours. So touching. The interaction, the message, the history. So fragile and beautiful. Losing loved ones.. it’s unimaginable and heartbreaking. Yet there was beauty too: the “passing on” of something useful to help with going through the “passing on” of loved ones.

    Thank you for reading my blog, I will enjoy yours.

    Love & Peace,

  4. Reaching across patting your hand with a tearful smile.

  5. Generous and lovely. Peace

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